Dozens of pubs across Watford and St Albans decided to close early yesterday after police became aware of a large funeral taking place.

People reported pubs and bars shutting its doors by the early evening leaving town centres eerily quiet.

Columbia Press, Wetherspoon’s, Molloy’s and, Bosley’s were reportedly among places closed by 8.30pm with one person referring to Watford town centre as being on “shutdown”.

Hertfordshire Constabulary said it was aware of a funeral that took place in Bedfordshire yesterday and a subsequent large-scale wake which was expected to be held in Hertfordshire.

Landlords and management at bars across the county were told about the event but police say the final decision to close venues were down to the landlords themselves.

The force added it is not unusual to warn landlords and licensees of large scale events which are scheduled to take place in the area.