A teenager who targeted three 14-year-olds in a unprovoked attack has been convicted.

On April 2 and April 5 the 15-year-old offender from Redbourn launched two attacks in Westminster Lodge and Park Street Lane respectively.

She pleaded guilty to a third assault, near McDonald’s in Griffiths Way, on May 12.

Detective Constable Claire Mann, from the local crime unit, said: “These were vicious attacks which left three young girls with visible injuries including chipped teeth, black eyes and bruising.

“Not only were they injured but they were understandably scared by these violent attacks. This unprovoked violence had a huge negative impact across the community in April and May last year.

"We worked closely with the parents of the victims and the schools at the time and were able to quickly identify the offender."

The offender was given a 10-month youth referral order, ordered to pay two of the victims £50 and the third £100 as well as court costs of £620.

St Albans Chief Inspector Lynda Coates said: “We will not tolerate violent assaults of any kind in St Albans. I hope this girl’s conviction helps reassure the brave victims and their families.

“One of the parents of one of the victims has already been in contact to say they are pleased with the verdict, which makes our job worthwhile. We also want to encourage pupils to report any kind of assault to their teachers, who will contact us if the matter becomes more serious, as it did in this case.”