More than seven out of ten of Council homes in the St Albans District have been refurbished with new energy-efficient boilers.

Since 2011, St Albans City and District Council has installed the boilers at 3,350 of its 4,696 properties.

The remaining 1,346 homes are scheduled to have boiler upgrades completed within the next three years.

In other projects, footpaths in Clarence Park have been repaired and road humps installed in the car parking area.

A new hammer cage is being installed at Westminster Lodge Athletics Track to comply with safety regulations. This follows the resurfacing of the running track.

Councillor Brian Ellis, Portfolio Holder for Housing and Inclusion, said: “A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to maintain all of the Council’s assets, ranging from our housing stock to our parks and sporting facilities.

“It is important we keep on top of this and monitor the progress we are making on all of our commitments.

“I’m particularly pleased with the work we are putting in to modernise our Council homes and keep them in top condition. We have already installed new energy-efficient boilers at almost three-quarters of our properties and it won’t be long before the rest have them, too.”