A BAND from St Albans will complete a tour with chart-topping pop group McFly this month.

Saving Aimee will have performed in 22 concerts across the country when the tour comes to an end on Friday, October 26.

However, they were not in the initial support act line up, but after wowing the tour organisers with their songs were chosen to perform in McFly's UK circuit.

Unsigned, Saving Aimee were recently compared to American group Fall Out Boy, and will be entertaining more than 6,000 fans on each show.

Drummer James Larner of Grove Road in St Albans said: "We are going down really well - we have gone from having 10,000 friends on MySpace to nearly 12,000 in the space of six days and this is because of the Mc Fly concert."

Other band members include vocalist Luke Quinn, 19, guitarists Tim Boardman, 20, and Satoshi Ishida, 19, keyboard player Sean Lemon, 19 and bass player Tom Cahill, 20.

The band members are all ex-pupils of Nicholas Breakspear school in Colney Heath Lane, and since forming at school just over two years ago, the musicians have toured the country entertaining an armies of fans in different venues including the music theatre, in London Astoria.

James added: "We got gigs all over the country and went to places like Dundee and picked up a fan base across the country."

They have also entertained local fans at The Horn music venue and Alban Arena.

They describe themselves as a pop rock band and say they draw music influences from both the rock and pop scene.

James said: "We are like the offspring of the Spice Girls and the Killers - it's like they had a baby and we are it."