Butterfly World 2.0 have secured a spot for their new St Albans Meadow - and they are appealing for volunteers to help them sow the meadow this Sunday, April 14.

After consultation with St Albans Council and St Albans Cathedral, Butterfly World 2.0 have announced that their St Albans Meadow will be sown in the Abbey’s orchard.

The charity, which was original established to try and save the Butterfly World project in Chiswell Green which closed in 2016, announced recently that they intended to look forward rather than continuing to concentrate on the closed project.

They plan to sow new Butterfly/Wildflower meadows in St Albans and the authorities that surround the city. They have already sown their Dacorum meadow in Keens Field, Hemel Hempstead, and will sow another in Garston Park Watford on Thursday, April 11.

John Horsfield, Chair of Butterfly World 2.0, said: “It is fantastic to have this opportunity to work with the Abbey. When we first started out, we wrote to MPs and other prominent local people. Bishop Alan replied in hours with a really helpful message and has been helpful since. We will ask him if he will open this meadow later this year.

“We want to make the sowing a real community event and hope many people will join in. The sowing will start at 10.30am on Sunday, April 14. Just bring a really small trowel or small hand-held forks. Foam kneel cushions are very useful. Those who came to help in Hemel had a great time!”

Butterfly World 2.0 have been supported by two other environmental charities: Buglife, who provided the seed, and Plantlife, who provided expert advice.

John continued: “There used to be a meadow in every parish in England but since the 1930s, 95% of meadows have gone. We hope to made a little difference. Next year we hope to plant meadows in Luton and Welwyn and Hatfield. Won’t it be wonderful if the now lost Miriam Rothschild Meadow at Butterfly World gives life to new meadows?”