The Conservative party has appointed a new leader after their previous leader was lost his seat at the local elections.

Cllr Mary Maynard replaces Alec Campbell who saw his St Peter's ward seat taken by Will Tucker.

It was on a night where the Tories lost control of St Albans District Council leaving the council under no overall control.

Cllr Maynard, who serves Harpenden East, has been a district councillor for five years, most recently leading the development for the local plan - a document which has outlines a number of areas where the council supports housing development to meet government targets.

Cllr Maynard said: "I am delighted to be elected group leader. Alec Campbell worked hard for the council and his Conservative administration has left a legacy of low cost, first class council services, delivery of the first 100 below market rent houses in a generation, shared care facilities for the elderly, and brought new leisure centres.

"However people are deeply unhappy about Brexit. As a result, many voted for ‘Brexit not Bins’ leaving no one with no overall control.

"Councillors now have a clear choice. Vote for a minority administration by one party and waste precious time disagreeing and squabbling. Or vote to involve all parties, with each having a voice and all working together to deliver our resident’s goals and aspirations.

"My preference is to work cooperatively and collaboratively to deliver a future where our District is a beacon in conserving our heritage and green spaces and treading lightly on the planet. Building decent homes, whilst ensuring we maintain our leafy, green environment and deliver the supporting infrastructure. Keeping taxes down by delivering efficient Council services. The community working together to deliver on ambitious project: a new state of the art football stadium, the regeneration of the Rivers Ver and Lea, more facilities for minority sports like hockey and many more facilities for teenagers.

"All of this, and more, is possible if we work together for St Albans and District."