Travellers who pitched up on a field in Bernards Heath for more than three days have left the area, police confirmed. 

Several caravans arrived at the recreation ground in Sandridge Road on Friday evening (May 31). 

St Albans City and District councillor Helen Campbell, representing the Marshalswick ward, said the group had caused "considerable shock and upset" to the community.

Legal action to move them on began on Sunday and the group were served a notice to leave by St Albans Magistrates' Court by Monday night. 

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Despite this, the group were only seen to be leaving at 11.30am on Tuesday (June 4).

A spokeswoman for Hertfordshire Police said the force had received a further report of an unauthorised encampment on land near Galley Hill, Hemel Hempstead on Saturday. 

What St Albans City and District Council said

A spokesman told the Review that there were some bags of rubbish left at the site, but this was tidied up by the council at a "negligible" cost. 

He also said the council will be looking at ways of securing the land so unauthorised encampments are less likely to happen in the future. 

But he said there will be complications due to the recreation ground by common land. The council may have to apply to the Secretary of State to install fencing around the area.