Police officers and staff have been recognised for their outstanding contribution to policing across St Albans.

Officers from the Community Safety Partnership in St Albans, Harpenden and London Colney nominated colleagues for seven awards, with the most prestigious being the 1836 award.

This is the highest accolade given to a member of staff and marks the formation of St Albans borough police (later St Albans City Police) before it became part of the Hertfordshire Force in 1947.

It was awarded to Detective Sergeant Jon Green from the Local Crime Unit in recognition of his service within the St Albans CSP in the last year.

St Albans Chief Inspector Lynda Coates said: “Sergeant Green is one of those officers that you aspire to be. He is respected by every individual, every rank and this is because of simply how he is.

"His dedication to duty, his extended work hours and his ‘never off duty’ attitude. Although he won’t admit it, he works relentlessly for our St Albans residents."

Officers and staff who had gone “the extra mile” were also commended by CI Coates.

She said: “Not only have they worked hard, but they have also shown great leadership, responsibility and professionalism.

“I felt very proud to recognise their individual contributions and I’m very proud to lead such a dedicated team who want to do the best job they can.”