A vegan market dedicated to dairy-free, meat-free products will be making its way here.

Vegan Markets UK (VMUK) will be hosting the event in St Peter’s Street, St Albans on Sunday (July 7) to showcase the best vegan businesses from around the country.

These range from niche independent companies to larger organisations. The market in St Albans is part of an aim to make veganism accessible and inclusive to everyone.

Businesses featuring at the market include Little Curiosities St Albans, Kim’s Vegan Cakes, The May Bakery, The Vexican and The Green Grill.

VMUK’s founder and managing director Lewis Beresford said: “We’re so excited to bring Vegan Markets UK to St Albans this summer.

“This will be our first summer outdoor market making it a special occasion not only for Vegan Markets UK but for the town as well.

“What makes events like this so meaningful is that we’re able to give local businesses a platform to showcase what they do best.

“Our ethos is founded on giving people choices when it comes to the food they eat, the clothes they wear, the products they use and the companies they invest. We’re really proud of our traders.”