St Albans is the second most expensive city to live in across the UK on minimum wage, according to new figures.

Currently the national minimum wage for people aged over 25 is £8.21. It means those working in minimum wage jobs take away £16,009.50 a year for a 37.5-hour working week.

Research from


analysed the average cost of living to work out how much it costs to live in each city in the UK for a single person.

It also revealed how much money is left over each year after covering essentials for those earning a minimum wage.

The figures revealed that living in St Albans would be impossible for someone earning a minimum wage, with a person’s leftover income averaging -£2,747.54.

This is due to the average living cost per person, which would cost over £18,000.

It is because of the amount of money the average person would pay for rent, essentials, transport, utility bills, internet and council tax.

On average it would cost someone over £11,000 for rent each year and just over £2,000 to pay for local transport in St Albans.

It would also cost someone just under £2,000 for utility bills and around £870 to pay council tax each year.

For essentials throughout the year it would cost someone just over £2,000, whilst internet would cost £356.

Despite being ranked as the second most expensive city to live in on minimum wage, St Albans costs nearly £10,000 less than London.

The city averages just over £28,000 for a person to live in on minimum wage, who would have a leftover income of -£12,080.66.