New environmentally friendly plans for the redevelopment project of Rothamsted Park have been submitted for approval.

Proposals to repurpose an estimation of 10,000 cubic metres of soil, organic matter and other materials excavated from the redevelopment of Rothamsted Park, Harpenden is considered as an environmentally friendly solution.

The soil excavated from the redevelopment of the parks swimming pool and sports centre buildings will be used to contour a nearby football field and strengthen flood defences by improving the area’s natural drainage.

These plans are considered an environmentally friendly solution, opposing the original plan to transport the soil in a fleet of 1,500 lorry journeys.

Councillor Robert Donald, the portfolio holder for property, commercial and development, said: “The plan to keep soil in the park rather than transport it elsewhere is a major and welcome change to the redevelopment works.

“It will avoid hundreds of lorry journeys to and from the park and prevent the soil from being thrown away into a landfill site.

He added: “By retaining it, we will be reducing emissions, cutting down on traffic and making significant long-term improvements to the park.”

An application for this new plan has been submitted to the St Albans City and District Council’s planning department and will be considered by a committee later this year.

The council are urging for residents, businesses and community groups to examine and provide feedback of the proposals published online, as the plan is part of the council’s commitment to reducing emissions.

St Albans City and District Council’s of the park with creating £18.8 million leisure and cultural centres started earlier this year, with the centres scheduled to open in early 2021