A father is raising money to help his daughter and others with an eye condition which could lead to blindness.

Kieron Price, 42, from St Albans, will be running the full Thames Path 100km Challenge for his eight-year-old daughter Evie, who has a rare eye condition called Aniridia.

The condition is when the iris of the eye does not fully develop. This causes reduction in the sharpness of vision and increased sensitivity to light.

It can lead to other problems such as visual impairment or blindness caused from glaucoma or cataracts.

As a result, Evie must wear specially designed sunglasses to protect her eyes.

Mr Price will be taking on the 100km run from September 7 to 8. He hopes to raise at least £595 for research charity Fight for Sight, which helps people like his daughter.

Mr Price said: “I don’t cope with Evie’s Aniridia at all well. I still struggle to come to terms with the fact she has this condition.

“We know it won’t define who Evie is and we will always encourage her to try new things. Nor will it stop us to try and find a way to slow it down, stop it, prevent it and hopefully one day cure this disease.

“That’s why I’ve chosen to run for Fight for Sight in the Thames Path 100km.”

Fight for Sights funds eye research into not just Aniridia but also glaucoma, macular degeneration and inherited eye diseases.

Events manager at Fight for Sight Ed Jackson said: “A huge thank you to Kieron for his fantastic effort in the Thames Path 100km Challenge.

“We know that sight loss doesn’t have to be inevitable - it’s through our fantastic supporters raising money for research that we will find the next breakthrough for conditions like Aniridia.”