A taxi firm owner who said he received more than 40 nuisance calls is warning other harassers they could be committing a crime.

Sardar Khan, 27, who owns Green Line Cars in St Albans, was a victim of disruptive phone calls which happened in the early hours of the morning until the evening.

The calls began in April and Mr Khan reported them to police in May. But they did not stop until July. 

Mr Khan said he has received more than 1,000 calls from no-ID callers.

He said: “The disturbing calls were distressing, and I think they were just done to disturb my routine. 

“Calls would come in during the night time when I was sleeping and would continue through to the morning. I used to wake up to calls sometimes at 2am or 3am.

“The calls gave me no other option but to go to the police and it took almost three months to find out who the person was.” 

The last call he received was on July 27. Using that call, police were able to track the no-identity calls to another man's house and officers confiscated his phone, Mr Khan said.

The man later visited Mr Khan’s house to apologise with a written letter.

Mr Khan said: “He said he was sorry and if I hadn’t of taken the case back he would have been charged with a criminal offence."

Mr Khan is sharing his story to make people aware of the consequences of harassment calls and how calling from a no-ID number is still traceable. 

A Hertfordshire Constabulary spokesperson said: “A man in his 20s from St Albans had been receiving over 40 phone calls a day from an unknown number. 

“When he answered, the caller would hang-up. The issue has since been resolved and the victim is therefore no longer supportive of police action."