A nine-year-old boy has passed his piano grade 5 exams with near full marks.

Haosei Du, 9, from Westfields, St Albans, was awarded a Distinction on his Grade 5 piano exam after scoring 142 marks out of 150.

The pianist achieved these high grades after just two years of tuition and without any previous experience in playing an instrument.

He first began his tutoring with his private piano teacher, Meiling Bingham, in 2017 and was quick to adapt musically and enrich himself with various classical tunes.

Ms Bingham said: “It was obvious from the start that he had a fantastic ear. He had a very good memory and wanted to learn from the beginning.

“I’d give him a page to learn and he’d ask for three more. That’s the kind of student he is. It’s been fantastic teaching him and he’s learnt so many pieces.”

She added: “I can say he’s the best I’ve had so far – and I’ve had some very good ones. I hope he’ll do something with his talent.”

Mr Du would spend much of his free time practicing the piano and mastering his skills, helping him quickly advance to the next level.

While Ms Bingham said she wouldn’t go as far to say these are signs of the next Mozart, she did say his enthusiasm and commitment is promising – which she hopes he’ll fulfil his potential.