St Albans is ahead of other areas in the country for broadband speeds, according to new research.

The city has an average download speed of 62 Mbps - higher than the UK’s average download speed of 54.2 Mbps.

The findings are by broadband comparison site Broadbandchoices which used Ofcom’s latest Connected Nations report and its own data.

Broadbandchoices home communications expert Mark Pocock said: “Despite the research offering a useful snapshot of the UK, most British consumers only become aware of what broadband speeds they should be getting after they have signed up for a deal.

“That’s the reason why Broadbandchoices offers a postcode checker tool – to ensure consumers get a truthful and transparent idea of what speeds to expect for their home or business."

The site also provided advice on how to improve broadband speeds at home:

  • Relocate your router – the higher up your router the better chances of faster speeds. Baby monitors, microwaves, thick concrete walls and steel trusses can interfere with wifi signals.
  • Make sure your Wi-Fi is secure – If other people are using your broadband such as neighbours it can slow down the connections. Use a password that is unique and not easy to guess.
  • Switch providers – before you sign up to a new provider companies should be able to test your line and give you an accurate indication of what speeds you can expect.
  • Check your speeds – check your current internet speed which can be done with Broadbandchoices speed checker. You can test news speeds to see if there is an improvement, if not contact your provider.