A driving instructor has said she is “preparing her students for the future” by teaching them in an electric car.

Louise Watson, owner of Louise’s Driving School, became the first instructor in St Albans to go electric by buying a Nissan Leaf for her pupils to learn in.

Ms Watson said she made the switch because of the rising popularity of electric cars and the “benefits” they provide on the road.

“They're quiet, clean, relaxing to drive and inexpensive to run,” Ms Watson said. “As technology advances and prices fall, more people will make the switch to zero-emissions motoring.

“I’m not just teaching my students how to drive a car. I’m helping them become future EV owners by showing them how to charge an EV, where to find charging stations and which cables to use at them, plus what to do when the car is low on battery.

“I also teach all my students how to follow the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency’s (DVSA) Ecosafe driving guidelines when braking and accelerating. In short, ‘I’m preparing them for the future.’”

The change to learning in an electric means that in additional to manual, students will be able to learn to drive an automatic as well.

Ms Watson added that she had spoken to driving instructors using electric cars in other areas and found their students would not consider buying a petrol or diesel after learning in an electric.

She continued: “Owning an electric vehicle is an increasingly appealing proposition, after all, given that countless millions are being spent on the development of both new models and better infrastructure.

“Subsequently, everyone will have both more choices and encounter less hassle when it comes to charging the car.”

Louise’s Driving School was established in 2002 and teaches people in St Albans to drive, stretching out to areas such as London Colney.

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