Jo Swinson has said a no-deal Brexit would be “catastrophic” for high street retailers.

The Liberal Democrats leader was visiting St Albans earlier today, where she spoke to high street business owners about the effects of Brexit.

She felt that high streets across Hertfordshire had taken a hit since the referendum result in 2016, saying shops had their worst September for eight years due to Brexit uncertainty.

Mrs Swinson said: “Shop owners have said today how that lack of confidence in the economy is really having an impact on what people are prepared to spend, and the impact of that can be that much-loved high-street shops may find it too difficult to continue.

“I think a no-deal Brexit would be really catastrophic for high streets.

"Any Brexit is going to be bad for high streets, for our public services, the NHS and our everyday lives.”

Asked about the possibility of a general election, the East Dunbartonshire MP said that hundreds of seats were in play in parliament due to the division in the Conservative and Labour parties over Brexit.

St Albans & Harpenden Review:

Jo Swinson and Daisy Cooper

Mrs Swinson also claimed the Liberal Democrats has a “unity of purpose” in working to prevent the UK leaving the EU.

More than 60 per cent of people in St Albans voted to remain in the European Union in 2016, whereas in Watford just over 50 per cent of people voted to leave.

Nationally, 51.9 per cent of people voted to leave the EU whilst 48.1 per cent opted to remain.

Mrs Swinson said: “People have the right to change their mind and recent polls have suggested that the public does want to remain in the EU.

“We believe people deserve to have that choice and what we are saying as Liberal Democrats as just in the EU election, we stand on a very clear platform to stop Brexit.

“There should be a people’s vote on the specific Brexit deals so that the public can have the final say if that deal goes ahead or if we stay in the EU.”

She added that Daisy Cooper, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for St Albans, was best placed to win the seat in St Albans at a general election.

Mrs Swinson said: “I think she will be a fantastic candidate for St Albans and I am very hopeful that she will win the seat here.

“This is such a remain supporting city and currently has an MP who is taking the opposite line in parliament. So I think it is time for a fresh face in St Albans with Daisy Cooper.”