MP Dominic Grieve visited St Albans to talk about the “crisis” and “absolute mayhem” of Brexit.

The MP, who is now an independent after being expelled from the Tory party, spoke at an open meeting last Thursday (October 10) about Boris Johnson’s government and the campaign for a People’s Vote.

More than 200 people attended the talk organised by community cross party, pro-European campaign group St Albans for Europe.

Mr Grieve said the Brexit promised in 2016 was “undeliverable” and backed a second referendum.

St Albans & Harpenden Review:

St Albans people listening to Mr Grieve talk about Brexit and Boris Johnson photo: St Albans for Europe

He said: “The right exists in every democracy for people to say they have changed their mind and they want to do something different.”

He blamed the vote to leave the EU on the growth of “popular opinion that does not have a rational foundation.”

He added: “The idea that the EU is some unique monster that is gobbling us up could not be further removed from reality.

“It is not a superpower. It is an international treaty organisation that we signed up to.

“Many people believed it was the patriotic thing to do, to go and vote leave in 2016.

"The 2016 campaign was, bluntly, stinking on both sides.

"The Remain campaign was not good, and it didn’t look at the bigger picture, it looked at the narrow economic issues."

St Albans & Harpenden Review:

Mr Grieve last Thursday (October 10) photo: Damian Boys

He said since the vote to leave the UK has plunged itself into crisis and Conservatives may face difficulty in keeping their St Albans parliamentary seat in a general election.

He said: “My party did this country a huge disservice. All my colleagues at Westminster, bar a few, knew that Boris Johnson is not a fit person to hold high office.

“He has taken a sledgehammer to every principle under which UK government is carried out.

“He is proroguing parliament, turning number 10 into what I can only describe as a propaganda machine a la Trump, spewing out the most astonishing untruths on a daily basis and raising a People against Parliament narrative.”

St Albans & Harpenden Review:

St Albans for Europe was set up in 2017 and is supporting the People's Vote campaign photo: St Albans for Europe

St Albans for Europe will join protestors this Saturday (October 19) in Central London to support the campaign for a new referendum or deal.

Mr Grieve said the current state of Brexit is likely to lead to either a general election or another referendum.

He said an election will not resolve Brexit and a second referendum was the only way forward for the country to solve its problems.