Hertfordshire County Council has started to draw up a sustainability strategy – just weeks after declaring a climate emergency in July.

The council is one of 200 local authorities across the UK to have declared a climate emergency – seven of which are in Herts.

The work on the county council’s new ‘sustainability strategy’ is a direct result of the declaration, in July.

Work on the strategy acknowledges that the county council is well placed to reduce its own environmental impact – as well as supporting and inspiring both residents and businesses across to do the same.

It will focus on a number of environmental issues, such as greenhouse gas emissions, climate risks, water availability, biodiversity, air quality, resources and transport, as well as social and economic growth trends.

But it will also focus on sustainability through social issues such as education, health care and building a thriving economy.

That means it will also address areas such as physical health and the needs of a growing and more elderly population, such as increases in loneliness and growing mental health concerns.

It’s expected to be drafted by the end of the year, with councillors being asked to adopt it in early 2020.

The ongoing work is due to be considered by all the council’s cabinet panels.

Initial work on the strategy has a budget of £150,000. The strategy is currently being drawn up with consultants WSP.