People who feel let down by Luton Airport due to noise pollution are being urged by MPs to take part in the consultation for the airport’s expansion.

St Albans MP Anne Main and Hemel Hempstead MP Sir Mike Penning are encouraging people to take part in the second series of the airport’s expansion consultations.

London Luton Airport Limited is proposing a new terminal and an extensive new airfield infrastructure.

People will have the opportunity to look at plans, speak with project team members and provide their views.

The series of meetings will run until December 16.

Luton Airport will outline proposals to enhance the existing compensation and noise insulation schemes for people most affected by an expansion.

Sir Penning said people living near Luton feel as if they have been let down by the airport and low flights at night are disrupting people’s sleep causing stress and harm.

Sir Penning said: “I would encourage local people to take part in this consultation.

St Albans & Harpenden Review:

MPs shared residents' concerns about noise pollution with regards to Luton Airport's proposed expansion. Photo: Pixabay

“Residents of villages near to Luton in particular feel badly let down by the airport.”

He continued: “The airport has expanded very fast, faster than anticipated, and I am concerned that this new expansion will mean even more noise and traffic congestion.”

Anne Main, MP for St Albans, has also been campaigning for people in the district as they have complained about the noise.

She met with the Government’s Aviation Minister, Paul Maynard, to discuss Luton Airport expansion. Mrs Main was joined by representatives from St Albans Quieter Skies, a community group opposed to further expansion and continuing aircraft noise from the airport.

Mrs Main called for the meeting ahead of Luton Airport’s expansion consultation.

She said: “This situation is intolerable and has destroyed any trust between Luton Airport and the communities that are overflown.

“The judge and jury arrangement between Luton Borough Council and the airport has meant that residents feel whatever they do doesn’t make a difference.”

She added: “Ultimately this is about trust. The airport say they handle and respond to complaints, but they don’t. Nothing ever changes regardless of how many complaints residents make so a lot of them have given up.”

Mrs Main also pointed out that the airport has breached trust with residents over noise limits. She said, “Rules are imposed on the airport to stay within noise limits.”

During the meeting with the Aviation Minister, Mrs Main pressed the minister to arrange a meeting with NATS, the body set up to handle aircraft movements and flight paths, and local residents.

The minister agreed to action both those requests. He also assured Mrs Main that any proposal from the Airport for expansion will be carefully scrutinised by the Government.

Following the meeting, Mrs Main said: “Airspace change was included in the Queen’s Speech so it is a priority for this Government and this Secretary of State. Local people need to feel that they are being listened to and that action is being taken when airports step out of line. This is clearly not happening in the case of Luton Airport and something must be done about that.”

She added: “I will ensure residents continue to have their voices heard and I will oppose this expansion which serves no benefit to my constituents.”

Ciaran Scanlon, programme delivery director at Luton Airport, said: “Following its preliminary non-statutory consultation last year London Luton Airport Limited (LLAL) is aware that many people take a deep interest in the proposals to expand London Luton Airport.

“The company listened to people’s feedback and made a number of changes to the proposals, including reducing the scope of the application from 38 to 32 million passengers per annum (mppa), enhanced provision and promotion of public transport and enhancing proposed funding, compensation and noise insulation packages.

“Under the proposals there are no plans to increase the number of night flights currently permitted.

“LLAL is keen to hear the views of as many people as possible and would encourage people to attend one of its 34 consultation events or complete the survey at