Saxophonist, composer, arranger and producer Dave O’Higgins and award-winning guitarist Rob Luft have joined forces to celebrate the music performed by Monk and Coltrane.

Their new tour comes to St Albans on Sunday, November 10.

O’Higgins said: “Rob called me for some gigs last year. It wasn’t difficult to find a common repertoire, and a predilection for Monk and Trane tunes was apparent. The music we’ve chosen to play focuses on lesser known Monk compositions and some of the songs Coltrane recorded in the 50s.”

O’Higgins and Luft have reinterpreted the material in a way that is both contemporary and in the tradition, drawing from a wide range of influences with deep respect for the authors.

Scott Flanigan on organ and American drummer Rod Youngs complete the quartet.

The Maltings Arts Theatre, 26 The Maltings, St Albans, Sunday, November 10, 7.30pm. Details: