A plus-size woman who starred in a television campaign for size inclusive tights feels high street shops “do not welcome larger sizes”.

Katie McCollough, 35, from Wheathampstead, has starred in a television campaign on Channel 4 and Sky TV for Snag Tights, which sells a variety of sizes for women.

Katie found the company after spending years struggling to find tights that fit.

She said she soon fell in love with the brand and wanted to become involved with their campaign.

After sending in a short video of herself talking about the tights she was chosen to take part.

St Albans & Harpenden Review:

Katie McCollough. Photo: Louise Brynjulfsen

She said: “As a plus-size person, tights are the bane of my life.

"I could never find any that would fit me but these fit perfectly.

“As a business owner myself it is fantastic to see a company that has models that represent everyone, and I completely get behind what they’re doing.”

Katie believes high street shops are not welcoming to people who wear bigger sizes as they do not always stock larger sizes, which forces them to shop online.

She added: “There are brands who have a plus size section but do not advertise the section or stock it.

“It is a frustrating aspect. It is hard when you want to go shopping and you end up in a fat girl’s conundrum.

“I always find myself in the jewellery or scarves section because they are the only thing that is going to fit.

“It is hard for someone who is larger, the same as it is for someone who is exceptionally tall.

"It is alarming when not a lot of people can experience that – when you do it is a horrible feeling.”

Katie has since taken part in a photo shoot campaign for Snag Tights with a variety of different women.

She added: "I'm proud of being involved with their campaign.

"There is something that is for everyone whether you're short, tall, thin or large.

"There are various different models so you're going to find someone who looks like you."