A burglar pretended to be a plumber in order to steal jewellery from her home.

Christopher Henry, 54, of Blenheim Park in South Croydon, has been sentenced to six years in jail at Woolwich Crown Court on October 4 (Friday).

Henry plead guilty to distraction burglary offences - one of which happened in St Albans in November last year.

An 86-year-old woman opened her door to Henry who said he was a plumber responding to a call from her neighbour who had a leak in their home.

He explained he needed to come into her home so he could check under the kitchen sink for the leak.

The elderly woman was in the kitchen with the man when a second man entered searching her bedroom and stole five gold rings and a £20 note.

Henry also pleaded guilty to two other offences committed the same year where he tricked elderly people and entered their homes and stole jewellery and cash.

DC Craig Blake, who investigated the case, said: “Henry preyed on some of the most vulnerable people in the community and his crime will have had a serious effect on his victim who had her home violated and lost some treasured possessions.

“The sentence handed out reflects the callous nature of his crime and will act as a warning and a deterrent to thieves who seek to prey on the vulnerable in our society.”