Investigations are in place after reports of an elderly woman being rejected from a bus.

Katherine O’Neil, 64, of Reynolds Crescent, was angered when she claims she witnessed an elderly woman, around her 80’s, being rejected from getting on the 357-bus operated by Arriva on January 2 at around 7.05pm.

Ms O’Neil was walking past the St Peter's Street bus stop in the evening and believes she saw the driver of the 357-bus rejecting an elderly woman, whom she recognised, from the bus.

She said: “Three or four months ago, the same driver used to shout at her for keeping up the bus as she had to take a while to go in the bus, sit down and go through her bag to find her pass.

“So, I already knew of her since it happened a few times.

“One day I gave her a lanyard to help her out and put the pass there instead. Every time she sees me, she smiles and says, ‘I got it.’

“Last night I saw the bus driver get off the bus, let two other passengers on and tell her she can’t get on the bus.”

Ms O’Neil says she was “disgusted” to see the woman left behind in the cold weather, claiming that it was unprovoked and left the elderly woman crying.

According to the eyewitness, the elderly woman was able to call her daughter to drive her home instead, but was still left in tears.

An Arriva spokesperson confirmed they are aware of reports of an incident and said: “We can confirm we have received a report of an incident involving one of our drivers and a passenger on the 357 service on January 2, and a full investigation is underway.”