A builder has launched an app to protect tradesmen from tool thefts after £8,000 worth of equipment was stolen from him

Alan Brett and his wife Denise Brett, who run Absolute Building Structures Ltd in Harpenden, launched their ToolWatch app this month with app developer Chris Tattum.

The app requires tradesmen to register their tools, making it easier for police to return any stolen tools they find. Business owners can also find a link on the app to report tool thefts to police.

Mr Brett came up with the idea after having tools stolen from his van in 2017. He was unable to claim insurance because he could not prove which van the tools were stolen from.

St Albans & Harpenden Review:

Photo: Pixabay.

Mr Brett was then left to cover the cost of stolen tools, leaving him out of pocket.

Mr Brett said: “For construction workers the app gives them reassurance and security that if their tools are stolen and found by the police, they will get them back.

“But the app will also be effective all business and industries with equipment that is liable to be stolen so it has a huge potential in the fight against crime.”

St Albans & Harpenden Review:

The ToolWatch app launched this month. Photo: Pixabay

Once tools are found, police can check the app to see whether any tools were reported to be stolen, view the owner’s details and tell the owner they have recovered it.

Mr Brett and Mr Tattum are working on making the app available for schools, colleges, health authorities and emergency services so they can also protect their equipment.