In response to the Covid-19 outbreak Communities 1st is working in partnership with St Albans City and District Council, Citizens Advice and many other member organisations to set up a community volunteer scheme designed to support those in the community, who are in isolation.

With more than 1,000 people signing up to offer their time to help where they can, the show of kindness and support is heart-warming.

We think that it is a wonderful response to what is a very uncertain time in our community and we want to ensure that everyone who can offer support is able to do so in a safe and productive way by directing the help to where it is needed most.

People can enquire about joining the scheme by emailing or phoning 020 3940 4865 on weekdays between 1-3pm.

Once you have submitted your information, we will be in touch to tell you what would be most useful and where you should go to offer your support. Likewise, we will contact those requesting help to match you up with the relevant volunteer.

Some of the roles identified are:

• Digital champion - helping people get online

• Volunteer call handlers / admin process support

• Shopping order helpers / delivering shopping

• Telephone befriender

• Postcard Pals – children who would like to send uplifting messages / drawings

• Dog walkers

There are more opportunities to see online and as the situation changes, more may be added.

We will be posting useful information on our website and social media pages regarding the outbreak to help keep us all safe and alert everyone to the ever changing situation.

Visit for more information.