A racist yob who hurled anti-semitic abuse at a Jewish family has been jailed for six weeks.

Adam Cassidy, 20, was filmed by one of his victims as he called the group of parents and children “dirty jews” in the street.

The footage of Cassidy's tirade went viral after the incident in St Albans town centre last August.

As well as calling the family “dirty Jews” multiple times, he kicked a shop hoarding towards them before leaving the scene.

He tried to tell a judge that he was retaliating after being called a “dirty Arab” by a member of the family when he collided with their pram but a judge didn’t believe him.

A mother of one of the children described the incident outside a Costa as “a flashback” to the Second World War.

Cassidy, who grew up in Egypt and is the son of an English mother and a Turkish father, had pleaded not guilty to racially aggravated assault and to using the slur but his defence was rejected and he was found guilty.

He was sentenced to six weeks behind bars.

During Cassidy’s trial, the court heard how he handed himself in to police after the video gained traction online and was published by several national news websites.

The footage, filmed by one of the group Michael Mendelsohn, showed Cassidy being asked to repeat himself - the defendant then barked “dirty jew.”

Cassidy then pulled out his own phone and kicked the coffee shop’s branded hoarding towards the family once again calling the family “dirty jews” before walking away.

After the hearing at St Alban’s Magistrates’ Court, a Crown Prosecution Service Spokeswoman said: “He received a six-week prison sentence.

“The judge said that they would have imposed a community order but because it was a racially aggravated offence the sentence was uplifted.

“There weren’t any costs awarded due to limited means.”