Daisy Cooper MP has welcomed the Mayor of London's decision to waive road charges to make it easier for NHS workers to travel to work.

Sadiq Khan, who chairs Transport for London (TfL) decided to temporarily suspend congestion charges, the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) and the Low Emission Zone (LEZ). The changes came into effect on Monday (March 23)

Last Thursday (March 19), Mrs Cooper, Liberal Democrat MP for St Albans, wrote to Mr Khan to ask him to make it easier for key workers who commute into London.

She wrote in her letter: "NHS workers tell us that commuting to London is rapidly becoming more difficult, exposing themselves and the public.

"There are more on calls and cover meaning they have to travel more at night."

She asked Mr Khan if he would establish emergency accommodation for these workers and if he would waive congestion and parking charges for them during the pandemic.

The letter read: "Such accommodation would help limit transmission between health care professionals and their families."

In response to the mayor's announcement, Mrs Cooper said: "If I’ve helped make an otherwise completely horrible situation slightly less horrible for some front line workers, then I’m taking that as a win."

Mr Khan said: "This is not an invitation to take to your cars.

"To save lives we need the roads clear for ambulances, doctors, nurses and other critical workers."