A St Albans MP is calling for the job market to be "greenified" to help the country ease the climate crisis.

Liberal Democrat Daisy Cooper said in a virtual lobby on Zoom organised by The Climate Coalition - a partnership of organisations dedicated to stopping climate change - that the UK employment must switch to the next generation of "net zero carbon jobs".

Mrs Cooper, vice-chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Climate Change said this would help the country meet targets to stop global heating.

According to the International Labour Organisation, green jobs are occupations that contribute to preserve or restore the environment. Some examples include sectors such as renewable energy and energy efficiency.

She said: "We need shovel-ready jobs, high-tech jobs – quite frankly, many green jobs. We just need the next generation of net-zero carbon jobs, whatever those look like.

"We need all sorts of different types of jobs. We need to make sure that our entire job market is ‘greenified’ right from top to bottom.

"We also need people who are highly qualified scientists and engineers to be in universities, working in international collaboration to work out how we change, for instance, the emissions on an aeroplane."

Mrs Cooper also said people need to put insulation in their homes.

During the meeting, Mrs Cooper pointed to her general election campaign the Liberal Democrats' 10-year plan to tackle the climate emergency.

She added: "We said that in the next 10 years we need to have an emergency programme of retrofitting homes right across the country, starting with those who are living in fuel poverty, so you help those who are having to currently spend lots of money heating their homes.

"If you could insulate those ones first, not only are you helping the climate emergency, but you’re helping people out of fuel poverty as well."