Five teenage boys believed to have been throwing stones and intimidating people in a park were forced to move on by police.

Police in Harpenden issued a dispersal order in Rothamsted Park on Tuesday to disrupt anti-social behaviour that was taking place.

Neighbourhood sergeant Jordon Fox and his officers were called to the park on Tuesday evening to reports of a group of young people causing a disturbance.

Five teenagers were told to leave but they were also taken down to the police station and interviewed, in relation to possession of cannabis and public order offences.

They have since been released under investigation.

From 5.45pm on Tuesday to 1am on Wednesday, a section 35 dispersal order was in place covering the park up to Orchard Avenue, Amenbury Lane, Leyton Road and the Rothamsted estate.

It gave police powers to move on any way they suspected of being involved in criminal or anti-social behaviour.

Harpenden and Rural Neighbourhood Sergeant Jordon Fox, said: "Tackling anti-social behaviour at Rothamsted park is a current local safer neighbourhood priority for Harpenden, as a result of ongoing issues in the area.

"We used police powers to issue the order on Tuesday night, to help prevent further crime and disorder and to keep the park a safe place for everyone to enjoy.

"We will not tolerate this kind of behaviour as it has a negative impact on the local community and we will deal robustly with anyone, including young people, found to be causing a nuisance or committing any criminal offences."

Three of Harpenden police's main priorities over the next three months are:

  • Tackling drug use in local parks and associated anti-social behaviour.
  • Reducing fly-tipping across the rural areas.
  • Dealing with noise nuisance in the parks during the early hours.