A loving daughter has launched a fundraiser to help her cover the funeral costs for her "amazing" dad who died after suffering from four strokes.

Kellsie Wilsmore, 29, from St Albans said her 52-year-old dad, Clive fell ill in July and was prescribed medication.

Kellsie said despite taking his medication Clive continued to feel sick and said he was advised by medical professionals to stop taking one lot of tablets.

But on July 19 he went to hospital and she said he was told he had an ear infection and was again given tablets.

Clive suffered from a stroke on July 29 and was taken by ambulance to Watford General Hospital where he then suffered a further three strokes.

Kellsie said that after the strokes the only way he could communicate was by blinking. She made video calls with her dad while he was in hospital so he could at least hear her voice.

She added: "One of the strokes was on the back of the brain and he was sent to the ICU and he couldn’t have any visitors.

"Me and dad used to talk four to five times a day every day and we couldn’t visit. The staff said that every time my name was mentioned or he heard my voice he would perk up and be a bit responsive.

"Despite not having visitors during his stay we were allowed to see him to say goodbye.”

Clive sadly died on August 13.

She described him as the "most amazing person" who would "help anybody".

She added: "He always put me and my daughter first out of everything. He never shouted at me, never swore or raised his voice.

"He was my rock and best friend. Everyone loved him and he was kind to everybody."

Kellsie also praised the hospital staff and said she couldn't "fault them or thank them enough" as they went "above and beyond" for her dad and family.

She added: "One nurse in particular took time out to take a hand print cast of my dad's hand for my daughter's birthday."

She launched a fundraiser the day after he died to help cover the funeral costs due to the "financial strain" that comes from arranging a service.

She added: "For funerals you have to have between 50 to 75 of the cost upfront. I'm single and so is my mum and my dad had nothing left.

"Everything he did was for me and my daughter to make sure we were okay, but he didn't have a will."

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