A 17-year-old passed his driving theory and practical test in just 24 hours by booking one in a city he'd never been to - and avoided a queue of 250,000 people.

Henry Nell bagged his driving licence in record time - despite huge backlogs because of Covid-19.

Henry started taking driving lessons just before lockdown - but only managed to squeeze in a few before they were stopped.

Undeterred, he passed his theory test but was gutted when he found out there was a 243,000 person queue to do his practical exam near his home town in Essex.

But he soon realised if he opted to take his test in a random location, he was able to skip the two month backlog.

So he took his practical test just 24 hours later in St Albans - more than an hour’s drive from his home and a place he'd never even been to.

And he passed first time, with seven minors.

St Albans & Harpenden Review:

Henry was buzzing to pass his driving test at a time when so many are struggling to get a booking. Credit: SWNS

The schoolboy from Saffron Walden, said: "I was fairly confident going into the theory test - I'd done quite a lot of revision work on the DVSA app but I wasn't going to say it was a sure fire pass.

"Booking my practical just an hour after passing my theory definitely felt like a bit of a surreal pipe dream that wasn't really going to work but I thought I'd ask my parents, see what they thought and go for it if I could.

"Passing my practical test the next day was honestly just the best feeling. My friends have to wait until November to sit their practicals at our local test centre which is why I decided to book at St Albans.

"The first drive I took on my own felt a bit illegal or wrong, it was a weird feeling but I'm used to it now and I love driving.

"I'm always up for picking up my little sister or do any errands - my parents love it, I'm definitely now their taxi driver!

"I'm one of the first in my friendship group and year at school to be able to drive to school so my friends are quite jealous, if I'm honest."

St Albans & Harpenden Review:

Henry and mum Katie. Credit: SWNS

Henry's mum Katie, who drove her son to the test centre in Bricket Road, said: "I was elated for Henry - just really proud and chuffed.

"His test was 40 miles from where we live and he'd never even been there before but we'd been training him to be a good driver everywhere, not just his local town.

"He wasn't at all nervous and just said he was viewing it as a little drive - people often get nervous in the weeks approaching their tests but he didn't have time to as he booked it so quickly.

"Our family are very proud of him but also amazed at just how quickly he's been able to do the tests, especially with how long the waiting lists are due to lockdown."