The St Albans MP says she “simply cannot understand” the Conservative government decision in rejecting the extension of free school meals through the holiday.

MP Daisy Cooper says the Government drew a “red line” at hungry children, as she voted for the motion to extend the scheme to feed hungry children over school holidays until Easter 2021.

The motion was defeated by 261 votes to 322.

Following the decision, many across the nation were vocal in their uproar against the Government decision, particularly considering the financial hardships families have suffered through the pandemic this year.

The Liberal Democrat MP, who was the only one in the county to vote for the extension, said: “We are just days away from half term and some parents don’t know where they will find the £30-£40 needed to feed their children next week, let alone how they will feed their kids at Christmas.

“No-one is denying that there are big financial demands on the government, but I simply cannot understand why the Conservative Government is drawing the red line at hungry children.”

She continued: “Both Wales and Scotland have extended free school meal vouchers for all school holidays until at least Easter 2021, lifting a huge weight off the minds of those families who are struggling to cope.

“Conservative MPs had the chance to vote to do the same thing for children in England, and millions of hungry children and their families won’t understand why they refused.”

Elsewhere in Hertfordshire, Conservative Watford MP Dean Russell claims his vote against the scheme was made in “good conscience” and said the extension would be “sticking a plaster and not a solution”.