New figures show the number of coronavirus cases reduced in more than 50 per cent of wards in south west Hertfordshire over a two-week period.

A latest map compiled by the government shows the number of new cases dropped in 49 wards in the seven days to November 1 compared with the previous week.

There were noticeable drops in a number of areas – but new coronavirus hotspots have emerged.

And even though England has been plunged into a second lockdown, cases in Hertfordshire remain higher than where public health officials would like them to be.

Where are the current Covid hotspots?

Data published on the government website has highlighted a few areas which have seen a sudden increase in new coronavirus cases.

This includes a number of areas of Watford, including West Watford, Oxhey, Woodside and Garston, as well as Elstree & Aldenham in Hertsmere.

Watford has the second highest rate of cases in Hertfordshire, only behind Broxbourne, with data shared by Hertfordshire County Council this week showing shopping trips have been attributed to a number of new infections.

Whereas in Hertsmere, education is believed to be the main reason why there has been an increase in cases.

Although rates appear lower in St Albans and Dacorum, it is worth noting both districts have seen an uptake in new cases in recent days.

Where have cases dropped?

A number of areas are reporting a reduction in the number of residents testing positive for Covid-19.

Areas of note include Bushey, Bricket Wood & Chiswell Green, Potters Bar, Borehamwood, Croxley Green, and parts of Hemel Hempstead.

Cases have also reduced in Holywell and Stanborough in Watford but these areas remain higher than other places.

Out of 79 wards, 30 reported an increase in new cases over the last two week period.

How many cases are in your ward?

Check out our table below to see the latest number of coronavirus cases in your ward. You can use the search tool to look for a specific area, town, village, or borough.

Scroll down the table above to see how many cases there have been in your ward recently.

How old are the people testing positive for Covid in Hertfordshire?

The graph below shows between October 24 and 31, for the first time since the second wave began, more people aged between 35 and 59 tested positive for Covid-19 in Hertfordshire than people aged between 15 and 34.

The graph also shows small increases for people aged over 60.

A total of 402 patients who tested positive for Covid-19 have died at West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust since the pandemic began, including 24 in October and two in November.

Hospital admissions at trusts in the east of England increased to 1,128 for the whole of October, which is more than July, August, and September combined.