Police officers were taken to hospital after they were forced to ram their car into a runaway driver.

A picture shows the aftermath of a collision between a BMW police car and Audi after officers desperately tried to stop the Audi heading onto the M1 motorway into oncoming traffic.

The incident happened on the northbound A414/M1 slip road at Hemel Hempstead overnight.

The photo suggests the Audi driver, travelling the wrong way towards St Albans and Watford, was rammed from the side by a traffic officer, with significant damage caused to both vehicles.

The Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, and Hertfordshire road policing unit tweeted at 2.07am: "Our officers put their lives on the line tonight to protect the public from the driver of this car, who tried to travel in the wrong direction on the M1 to evade capture. He was arrested for multiple offences.

"The officers are in hospital being checked over."

St Albans & Harpenden Review:

Credit: BCH Road Policing Unit

A Hertfordshire Constabulary spokesperson said: "Officers attempted to stop a vehicle on the A41 in Hemel Hempstead at around 12.05am this morning (March 25), after police intelligence systems indicated that the owner of the vehicle was wanted for offences in another area.

"The driver failed to stop and a pursuit ensued, travelling along the M25 before heading on to the M1. The vehicle then exited the carriageway, before travelling back down the M1 in the wrong direction.

"In order to minimise risk to the public, officers brought the vehicle to a stop, using tactical contact. No one sustained any serious injuries.

"One person, a 28 year old man from Barnet, was arrested on suspicion of failing to stop, dangerous driving, failing to provide a breath and drug sample, criminal damage and domestic abuse offences."