Speeding drivers were involved in 52 deaths and serious injuries in Hertfordshire during the past year, police have warned.

Herts Police revealed the figures amid fears of an increase in speeding now Covid restrictions have eased.

The force also reported that 80 per cent of motorists who were stopped for speeding in the county in 2020 were men - with over 56 per cent of those aged 22 to 40.

Officers warned they will be patrolling the roads and cracking down on the problem as more people look to drive about.

Chief Inspector Simon Tabert said: “There have been restrictions in place for over a year now and it is understandable that many people will be looking forward to getting out and about this summer – but please ensure that wherever you are driving to this summer, you do so safely.

“Speed limits are in place for a reason. We want our roads to be safe for everyone: whether you’re a motorist, a cyclist or a pedestrian."

He also urged people not to always drive at the speed limit and take into account bad weather, cyclists and nearby pedestrians.

"For those who are tempted to put their foot down, please remember that speeding significantly increases the risk that you will kill or seriously injure yourself or other road users,” he added.