A St Albans woman is one of the activists taking part in the Insulate Britain protests that are happening again this morning.

Insulate Britain has blocked the M25 for a fourth time near Watford with campaigners saying actions will continue until the government makes meaningful commitments.

They want environmental upgrades to Britain’s 29 million homes by 2030 and all social housing by 2025.

Eli Rose, from St Albans, said: "We apologize to all those who are being disrupted, we really don't want to do this but we simply feel we have no choice.

“The government is not implementing the most basic measure needed to tackle the climate emergency.

“Insulating Britain's homes would be a massive step in reducing our carbon emissions so until they do, we will continue with our actions.

“These are desperate times, so we are taking desperate measures."

People blocked slip roads and the M25 carriageway in numerous locations and blue paint was also poured onto the road.

Many of the people blocking the roads today have participated in all four actions so far.

Only one person who participated in multiple roadblocks last week has been placed on remand, who appeared at St Albans Magistrates' Court on Saturday, according to the group.

On Sunday, Insulate Britain wrote to the Highways Agency and the police forces responsible for the M25 network, informing them that the campaign would continue at 7am today.

The letter contained a request that the Highways Agency review their previous decision not to reduce speed limits on the motorway during the protest which is a standard safety procedure when hazards occur on the motorway.

According to Insulate Britain, the campaigners are surprised that it has not formed part of the Agency’s response to the campaign to date.