A St Albans MP is calling for more discussion on the nature of public debate following the “senseless” murder of an MP during his surgery.

Asked whether she thinks MPs need more security at their surgeries post David Amess’s murder, Ms Cooper said: “What is clear is that we need more discussion on the nature of our public debate.

“It’s well documented that online hate can and does feed real-life violence and lead to the dehumanising of those in public life.

“Change must come about so that a tragedy such as the shocking, senseless murder of David Amess never happens again.

St Albans & Harpenden Review: Daisy CooperDaisy Cooper

“As a woman, I’ve always taken personal security extremely seriously and like most women, whether they’re MPs or not, I’m permanently alert to the risk of sexual harassment and male violence.

“However, since being elected, I have been acutely conscious of the additional risk that comes with being in the public eye.”

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Ms Cooper said that different MPs feel differently about the levels and types of personal security they want or don’t want. It can depend on their own circumstances and that of their staff and any previous violence or threats they’ve sustained.

She continued: “Most MPs want to be as accessible as possible to their constituents – but a balance has to be found between achieving this and making sure that MPs are safe and feel safe.”

St Albans & Harpenden Review: Sir David AmessSir David Amess

Some MPs don’t do open surgeries while others only do them by appointment or will carry out checks beforehand to make sure that those booked to attend surgeries are who they say they are. It’s not unusual for some MPs to notify police before they hold surgeries.