With the arrival this week of Rey Manaj, Watford now have a second new attacking option following the signing of Vakoun Bayo.

However, with one being an Albanian international and the other from the Ivory Coast, head coach Rob Edwards still has the issue of non-homegrown players within his squad.

“We know where we’re at with the squad and I've talked about the importance of having homegrown players in the squad,” he said.

“I’m working on that in order to get the balance right and deliver a team that is more than competitive.

“I’ve said previously I don’t want to be in a position where I’m having to worry about who I pick because I don’t want to be leaving people out totally.”

The efforts to add homegrown players, particularly up front, are continuing.

“There is a lot hard work going on behind the scenes to work on that, and certainly one or two homegrown players will need to come in,” said Edwards.

“Even then, it may mean we have to move on a couple of non-homegrown players. That will all be done jointly by me and the recruitment team.”