A FLOURISHING actress who is becoming a regular on our television screens will bring a little more magic to Easter.

Laura Haddock, 22, who grew up in Harpenden and attended St George's School, landed a leading role as Bethan in Terry Pratchett's creation The Colour of Magic.

She spent last summer shooting the film, which stars David Jason, and it will air on Sky One in two halves on Easter Sunday and Monday.

Now living in Chiswick, Laura starred in contemporary comedy series Honest where she played a wannabe supermodel, appeared in My Family, Comedy Showcase: Plus One and has just started filming her part in the latest Miss Marple adaptation.

Laura, who trained at The Arts Educational School in Chiswick, said: "It was lovely filming for The Colour of Magic.

"It was great fun, Bethan is a great character, she's a bit of a spoilt brat but you grow to really love her by the end.

"It's nothing like the acting I've done before so it was brilliant.

"Being able to work with all the big names was great, they are people you grow up watching and never imagine you could work with. I felt like a small fish in a big pond - no pun intended."

The film meant Laura attended her first premiere, but she's certain it won't be her last. The actress is attracting a lot of media attention and is tipped by many critics to big the next big thing.

She added: "It was clear I was always going to be an actress, I didn't want to be anything else.

"I've got big aspirations, I'm desperate to break into films in America and the UK - I just love it. I just hope this carries on for a long time."