A LAW student has been expelled from the Miss Hertfordshire beauty contest after telling a national newspaper about her adventures with four rich "sugar daddies".

Louisa Pickett, 21, of Crawford Road, told The News of the World that four men, contacted through the website sugardaddies.com, had spent £100,000 on her in the last year.

She claimed she had had sex with only one of them, a stockbroker in his 40s called Stuart who bought her underwear worth £1,000 the first time they met.

The University of Hertfordshire student, whose twin ambitions are to be a lawyer and a model, had won a place in the final of the Miss Hertfordshire contest after a heat at the Galleria shopping centre in January.

After the Review raised the matter, organiser Sue Waite expelled her from the contest.

She told the Review: "The rules are quite clear - you can't pose topless, and you can't have done anything which can bring the competition into disrepute.

"I think this does bring it into disrepute.

"We do a lot for charities, and they would not want to be associated with anything like this."

Ms Pickett claimed her stockbroker lover, who splashed out on diamonds and hotel suites, had not put her under any pressure, telling The News of the World: "I genuinely like him. The sexual tension between us is electric."

He celebrated her 21st birthday by hiring a limousine for her and her friends and filling it with pink champagne.

A former Tesco till worker, she apparently had a purely platonic relationship with a "creative director" who spent thousands on her, buying designer jeans, shoes and handbags from Harrods.

A third man is married, while a fourth, who apparently routinely credits her bank account and tops up her mobile phone, she has not even met.

Ms Pickett, who came seventh place in the Miss Hertfordshire finals in 2006, spoke to the Review in January after winning through this year's heat, saying: "I'm really excited because I get to dress up.

"It will be a nice experience and I will meet lots of people and I'm looking forward to it."

The website www.sugardaddies.com describes itself as a dating agency, and tells visitors: "Success, ambition and attraction can be the foundations of a great relationship. They offer the opportunity for so much more in life and can eradicate the issues of financial stress that modern living can bring."

Ms Pickett, who is on holiday in Spain with her mother, was not available for comment.