OAKLANDS COLLEGE has re-submitted plans for a multi-million pound hi-tech development of its Smallford Campus with proposals to reduce traffic and other environmental impacts.

The college was forced to change its proposals last year to further reduce its impact on the Green Belt and to address potential traffic problems in Hatfield Road.

Revised plans for a new college, performing arts studio and large sports hall - taking up 30,000 square metres of the Green Belt with a remaining 10,000 square foot set aside for housing - were submitted to St Albans District Council last week.

To ensure the college is as environmentally friendly as possible the number of car parking spaces on campus will be reduced from 950 to 750 and and a pay system will be introduced to encourage use of public transport at a subsidised rate.

Under the new plans the main hub of the development will be moved closer to existing buildings and the proposed sports centre - comprising football, hockey, tennis and a netball astroturf - will be incorporated within one of its wings.

A large pond will be built at the entrance of the college to help enhance the development's natural habitat and tree planting is planned to improve the college's woodland area.

The equestrian centre will be replaced and the mansion house, stable block and walled garden will be retained.