PUPILS at Wheatfields Infants' and Nursery School learnt about the importance of preserving trees and the natural environment during National Science and Engineering Week.

Groups of children from year one and two from the school in Downes Road, St Albans, designed and created their own eco-friendly trees using only four sheets of recycled A4 paper and scissors - glue, sticky tape, staples and paperclips were strictly forbidden.

Teachers hope the competition will help to enhance children's interest in trees also encouraging eco-friendly habits like recycling.

Year two teacher and science co-ordinator Sarah Gibson said: "The children all had great fun with the competition.

"We had 22 year 11 students from Sandringham School helping us, which the children all thought was fantastic.

"We had a great assortment of designs for our trees. The teachers all chose a winning tree from their classes to be judged by the headteacher Mrs Booth for an overall school winner."

Mrs Booth found it difficult to judge the best of the fantastic designs, but decided the most imaginative and well-crafted tree came from class 2SG.

The victorious pupils were awarded a real shrub to plant in the school grounds by organisers setpoint, which promotes youth awareness of science and technology.