GHOST investigators who rid the borough of unwanted guests are inviting the public to an in-depth speech on music and the paranormal next week.

Musician Dr Melvyn Willin will offer his latest research into para-musicological phenomena including telepathy, musical healing, the use of music in witchcraft and investigations of people who claim to have received music from dead composers.

The Anglia Paranormal Investigation Society meets monthly at The Horse and Groom in Park Street, Old Hatfield, which is said to be haunted by an old woman, to plan their investigations using up to date ghost-busting technology.

Damien O'Dell, who founded the group five years ago, says the 50 members are excited about the visit but also at opening it up to the public.

Damien, whose interest in the paranormal began as a 12-yea-old when he saw a ghost, said: "We're open minded. "We're looking for evidence and not just expecting things. "That's why we investigate things so thoroughly and use top equipment like infra-red CCTV and digital voice recorders.

"We're all really looking forward to hosting Melvyn - he will be the most interesting speaker we've had and we hear he gives a very good speech."

Tickets to the event at The Horse and Groom Pub in Hatfield, on Wednesday April 9, cost £5. For more information or to recommend a ghostly investigation call Damien on 01462 490833 or visit