CAMPAIGNERS hit the streets yesterday in a bid to protest against an extremist party standing in tomorrow's local elections.

Three Counties Unite Against Fascism staged a mass leaflet drop on Tuesday evening appealing to electorates in Welham Green not to vote for the British National Party after 16 per cent of the village was won over in a recent by-election.

Campaigners fear the party is seeking to build on its recent success in the forthcoming elections and they are desperate not to let it triumph.

Campaigner Mark Smith, who joined more than 25 people in the rally, said: "The history of fascism is about deceiving people into supporting it, once it gets power it will deny political freedom to everyone else - that is what fascists do.

"The nature of our leafleting is to address the kind of lies the BNP has come out with.

"It finds a social minority which it can blame for the ills of society on."

More than 25 campaigners gathered outside Simmons Bakery in Dellsome Lane ready to walk through the village with their leaflets.

"It is about being united and showing solidarity rather than politics or the hate and despair that the BNP is rooted in.

"People within the community will always stand against the BNP and I think activity like this represents a kind of positive experience of a multi-racial society which confounds and contradicts what the BNP says about society today."

A BNP representative was not available for comment as we went to press.

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