There’s little more embarrassing than a nearly geriatric, such as Madonna, as they try, and fail, to bely the years. Madge’s actions are akin to trying to make a penny-farthing ‘on trend.’ The youth horse has bolted, but no one in the material girl’s stable is brave enough to tell her what the rest of us know.

Its narcissist behaviour, yet there seems to be a gamut of embarrassment free celebrities who frequent a region so far up their own backsides, they cannot see the wood for the trees.

With the World Cup here, the inevitable has come to pass: Many of us, including yours truly, have been screaming in vain, for many a month, for the powers-that-be to truly make a stand and ensure their actions, and soundbites, finally align.

I am referring to the taking of the knee, rainbow shoelaces and Hope Not Hate - all of them, on the face of it, noble messages, but scratch just below the surface and they show themselves as nothing but flotsam with a soft underbelly. Their actions elicit no change whatsoever and do little, beyond making grown men earning obscene sums of money for kicking a ball about feel just a little bit better about themselves and their outrageous good fortune.

On a micro-scale, we look at case studies of heroes of ours: Exhibit one m’lord is Sir David of the Beckham, the self-styled gay icon who has reportedly ‘taken’ between between £10 million and £150 million, dependent on which national you read, to be the ‘face of Qatar’. It was unexpected as, after few missteps throughout his career, his stock remains high after refusing to jump the queue to pay his respects to Her Majesty the Queen. Now he is but cashing in on his enduring marketability and kudos.

He has gleefully taken the money and, as with most hypocrites, once caught out, has remained silent and refused to fight back against the doubters. In my opinion, there is no defence. He knows it, you know it too.

But the biggest hypocrite of all, and worthy of our mutual scorn, must be Gary Neville. Despite being an excellent former footballer (which pains me, as I despise little more in life than Manchester United) he has proved himself a fine pundit.

Articulate, self-effacing at times, humorous and likeable, he had recently extended his skillset by getting involved with politics a little (not that anyone asked him); yet, again, his words are on point, and I would not bet against him punting for Parliament in the next election. Once a red, always a red.

He has chosen to become a social commentator and voice piece of the masses by attacking Qatar and their human rights abuses... before signing onto their payroll by taking a role with the Qatari-owner broadcaster beIN Sports. Believing himself Teflon, he overstretched his skillset with a recent host appearance recently on ‘Have I Got News For You.’

As we all now know, he was verbally torn limb from limb by Ian Hislop, which sounds as terrifying as being mauled by a gerbil, yet he gave him an open goal and Hislop unceremoniously knocked it in the back of the net.

By speaking out against Qatar and then choosing to grease his palms, he thought he could continue to preach from the pulpit, and no one would notice offering the lame defence that he was going so he could ‘remonstrate from within’ which is like claiming you can’t discuss the war on drugs unless you light up a crack pipe first.

His argument does not wash, and his brand has now been indelibly tarnished as, like many before him, and many to come, he proves himself to be a hypocrite.

As for me? After vocally calling for a withdrawal from the tournament by the England team, I aim to take solace this afternoon in the comfort of my summerhouse as I watch the clash of the titans, with Canada taking on the mighty Croatia.

Well, anything else would be hypocritical of me now, wouldn’t it?