A St Albans gym has reopened its doors after closing due to a large fire last year.

St Albans Combat Gym - now located on St Albans Road - closed its doors after a large fire erupted on July 25 at an industrial estate off London Road.


Prior to the blaze, the gym had been training its members in the arts of Muay Thai, kickboxing and boxing.

Its owner Brian Boyle said: "It was shocking. Our members were devastated. This is so much more than a gym. People come to us for regular training, but also for their mental wellbeing."

St Albans & Harpenden Review: A large fire took place at the industrial estate off London Road in July.A large fire took place at the industrial estate off London Road in July. (Image: St Albans Combat Gym)

Brian continued, speaking of the role that other local businesses, members and residents have had in the gym's reopening: "Combat Gym was founded in 2003 and is a much-loved part of the community, so people were keen to help us.

"People offered to lend us equipment, and to allow us the use of their spaces until we found something more permanent.

"Local boxing gyms like Shoesmith’s, Brittania and Minotaur offered their help.

"We are so thankful.

"We set up a Just Giving page and the generosity of our members and people in the fight community and the local area blew us away.

"The money we raised went towards setting up the new gym and buying some new bags and mats and a new ring so that we could start the new year on fighting form.

"Every penny made a difference and helped us massively.

"It got us up and running again."

Brian and the St Albans Combat Gym team have now taken the phoenix as their symbol, as he explains: "We rose like a phoenix from the ashes!

"We’ve even incorporated it into our logo.

St Albans & Harpenden Review: The phoenix has now been incorporated into Combat Gym's logo.The phoenix has now been incorporated into Combat Gym's logo. (Image: St Albans Combat Gym)

"The fire is part of our history now.

"We’re stronger because of it.”

Further information regarding St Albans Combat Gym can be found on the company's website (www.combat-gym.com).