A SCHOOL has denied a mother's claims that her nine-year-old son was allowed to walk out of a school unattended.

Sue Tott is now refusing to send Karl to Oak View Primary School in Hatfield, claiming it cannot guarantee the safety of the dyspraxic nine-year-old.

Karl, whose condition makes him easily confused and frustrated, walked out of the school last Tuesday afternoon and minutes later was found by police.

But teachers claim they were watching him at all times and followed him out of the school, asking him to return, before calling the police.

The incident happened after teachers dismissed him from a class for being disruptive.

Now his mother Sue has hit out at the school, claiming it did not inform police of Karl's disability during the 999 call.

She said: "I couldn't believe that someone with his condition was able to just walk out of school like that with the gates unlocked. His condition means he has no sense of danger and the school is aware of that and should never have left him unsupervised.

"I send Karl to school with the belief that his is safe and being looked after but now I can't take that chance.

"I will not send him back until they have found a school that will cope with Karl's needs."

Hertfordshire County Council spokeswoman Jane Vine said: "The school takes security issues very seriously indeed; however this child was not missing.

"He walked through a door when a parent left the school but was followed immediately by staff. He refused to come back into the building and police were called for his own safety after a few minutes. The school had already tried to contact his mother, but her mobile phone was switched off."

Sue has agreed that Karl should be assessed on his needs and says she will fight for a suitable school.