A BEREAVED woman battling depression took her own life at her home in Welwyn Garden City, an inquest heard.

Rona Hoyes was discovered by her husband hanging from a curtain rail in the bedroom of the couple’s home in Rectory Road, Digswell Hill, Welwyn Garden City, on May 30, last year.

Mrs Hoyes, who had a history of depression, began taking anti-depressants in 2004, but soon came off the drugs when she felt she could cope alone.

However the 46-year-old began to experience depressive episodes earlier this year following a traumatic bereavement. Frightened the disorder would return, she sought medical help and counselling.

But coroner Edward Thomas told an inquest yesterday that the depression had become too much to bear and caused her to commit suicide.

He said: “I have no doubt she was suffering from depression when this happened, she sensed it herself by seeking help and they had to recommence the treatment that helped her in the past. I think the depression overwhelmed her.

“Without that depression she wouldn't have taken her own life.”

Speaking to the Review after the hearing, Mr Hoyes described his wife of 24 years as his first and only love.

He said: “We were the first people each other dated – it was special really.

“She was a happy person. She loved life and we had an amazing life together.

“Her life wasn’t in vain, she really did enjoy life and all her dreams came true.”

The couple spent time living in both Australia and America – a passion Mrs Hoyes always wanted to fulfill.

“We lived each day as if it was our last,” he said. “That’s how I would describe our relationship – there was no holding back.

“We were happy every day.”