ST ALBANS MP Kerry Pollard has welcomed last week's Parliamentary vote to outlaw fox hunting, describing the practice as cruel and vicarious.

Speaking last week after voting to outlaw the bloodsport, Mr Pollard said fox hunting had no place in the 21st Century and applauded his colleagues who ensured the convincing majority of 208 for the ban.

The bill will now go forward to the House of Lords where it is expected to face stiff resistance.

Mr Pollard said: "We've got to face the Lords down on this. Hunting foxes with dogs is not right. It's outrageous to get pleasure from hunting down these animals.

"The odds are so stacked against the fox it's unbelievable."

Rural affairs minister Alun Michael's proposal to allow some licensed hunting was withdrawn.

Seen as a compromise option, its withdrawal left the way clear for a free vote on the substantive issue of whether hunting should be banned.

Mr Pollard said fox hunting could now be banned within 18 months.